** PS3 Flash Writer for HFW 4.90 **

BGToolset is the recommended flash writer to use. This tool is mainly meant to be used if BGToolset website is down. If you have errors while BGToolset is loading, try a different internet connection. Do NOT use clones of BGToolset due to the number of reported bricks.

Official HFW 4.90.1 is required. You should install it twice. (Or install it once over OFW 4.90.)

This is an unofficial update by lmn7 of the old PS3Xploit html/js flash writer. I have not edited the files in any way. Evilnat also hosts the tool on his GitHub. There is a guide to self-hosting HERE. It can save a flash dump to USB storage device before writing. Keep the dump file in a safe place! Click HERE for the release thread.

If the tool says that your PS3 is not CFW-compatable, you can still use HEN!

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